Video: A new way to find major and planned giving donors

Major and planned giving donors are the key to the future of your organization. But gift officers tell us that they don’t have the tools to spend maximum time with the best donors.

We think there’s a better way to find big givers, which is why our new suite of major and planned giving solutions focus on:

  • Going beyond wealth screening with a customized, predictive model using up to 30 variables to determine which donors in your pool are ready to give. This takes your program from descriptive to predictive, a key shift to help you meet with more qualified donors and meet your stretch goals.
  • Warming up donors with communications that thank them and lay out the giving needs of your institution or organization.
  • A personalized conversation with a trained giving professional before your gift officer visits to discover the donor’s passion and readiness for your visit.
  • Immediate scheduling: you get appointments with these identified, ready and excited donors.

It’s a new way to identify major and planned giving donors, and it could more than double your results.

This 3-minute video lays out the donor identification and engagement challenge and the new RNL strategy to maximize your gift officer success:


Connect with more major and planned giving donors

Contact us today to talk about how this game-changing solution can take your engagement of major and  planned giving donors to the next level. One of our major and planned giving experts can discuss how you can identify donors who are ready to give now and streamline your major and planned giving process.

Transcript of video: Increasing Major Giving and Planned Giving With RNL

Imagine doubling your solicitations with supporters who are warmed, primed, and ready to give.

Last year alumni gave billions of dollars to their alma maters, and now you can tap into this great wealth transfer, too. How? By partnering with Ruffalo Noel Levitz to build your strongest pipeline ever.

The path to major and planned giving productivity is spending more time in solicitation with qualified donors ready to give. Your dedicated RNL team, using best-in-class strategies, builds an institution specific predictive model that leverages up to 30 distinctive characteristics, including:—including giving history, demographic information, event attendance, and more—to better prioritize your prospects.

Going beyond wealth screening, RNL analyzes donor engagement in behaviors to see who’s sending the right signals. With analytics that lead to insights, RNL organizes your supporters into prioritized tiers, focusing efforts on only the best prospects.

Then we engage those donors identified as top priorities.

RNL deploys a targeted, multi-channel warming campaign to prepare those supporters for further engagement. This campaign includes digital marketing, display advertising across mobile apps, websites, and social media, as well as email and direct mail to strategically target prospects and to warm them up for a direct conversation.

A highly trained, certified RNL giving professional will call those warmed, top prospects for a one-on-one conversation. This donor-centered personalized dialogue builds relationships, and identifies those prepared to further engage and take the next step to meet with your gift officer.

RNL literally fills your development team’s calendars with scheduled meetings supported by pre-meeting discussions and detailed contact reports that provide insights into donor interests. Contact reports show important donor details—such as philanthropic interests, connection to your institution, and willingness to continue the conversation—letting your team focus on what they do best, personally engaging interested donors and closing more gifts.

If that weren’t enough, our partnership with Advancement Resources means you have access to the best donor-centric gift officer training in the industry. For over 40 years RNL has been trusted by thousands of higher education institutions. In fact, we reach one out of every 10 U.S. alumni, and have helped our clients raise over a billion dollars.

RNL is ready to transform your major and planned gift program. Are you?

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